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Imagine life without music…like your favorite movie without a soundtrack, driving to work without a radio, or going to a dance…in silence. Think how tedious it would be. Singing in the car stimulates a feeling of happiness. Dancing to our favorite music elates us. Listening to the songs we adore frees us!

Now, imagine you are the one who is playing the music. You are the one inspiring yourself and others to feel the way you feel when you listen to music. What a great inspiration you can be! Imagine possessing that great gift. The gift of music.

We at Soundscape Music Studios dedicate our time so we can bestow the gift of music upon you and your loved ones. Take a step into developing your musical mind so you can harmonize with the world! We offer pianokeyboardelectric bassvoiceguitarviolin and drum lessons for students from 5 – 105, from beginner to advanced. We teach ALL styles of music from classical to contemporary to jazz to funk and blues. We believe that a well rounded musical education enhances the human mind!

Learn how to play these instruments

Piano is the best instrument to learn when first playing music.  Playing an instrument is therapeutic and fun.  It’s also great for the brain!

Everyone at some point in their lives have wanted to play the guitar I’m almost certain. we offer lessons tailored to your wants and needs.

We have some of the best teachers in Orange County and Los Angeles. we can help you achieve your goal of becoming a better singer. 

We offer private violin lessons to help you master this beautiful instrument. We offer lessons tailored to your wants and needs.

If you have ever had fun banging on cups and dishes with silverware, you may want to consider learning how to play the drums. 

We can teach you the basics of music theory and composition, chord theory and scales to help improve your production.

The bass guitar is a great instrument to learn and extremely fun. We’ll teach you how to improvise and create your own bass lines

Private instruction is ideal for those who thrive in a one on one environment. Private students are expected to devote more time and practice in their studies of music.

Take trumpet lessons with us! Playing an instrument is therapeutic and fun.  It’s also great for the brain!

Why Choose Us?

10 Reasons Why You Should Become a Soundscape Student

Personal attention and care

We care a lot about your music learning experience.  We make sure you’re getting what you need from your music lessons.  At the very first trial lesson, Jason (owner/program coordinator) sits alongside you and your teacher to get an idea of what your musical goals are.  This gives us an idea of what the student would like to accomplish, where his/her strengths are etc. so we can provide you a more personal musical education.   Jason works very closely with each teacher and stays involved with each individual student by sitting in on lessons from time to time. 

Personally tailored lessons

We tailor our lessons to your needs.  If you want to learn pop music, we’ll teach you pop; if you want to learn classical music, we’ll teach you classical; if you want to learn how to improvise and jam on the guitar, we’ll teach you that as well.  If you want become a concert pianist, we can help too!  We understand that enjoying the learning process is enormous in dictating how efficiently you learn so we are all about you having fun while learning how to play your instrument along with technique and theory.

Our teachers are among the best.

Each teacher is personally screened and evaluated by the owner himself.  As a classically trained, professional composer, music producer, keyboardist and musician currently working in the music industry, Jason knows exactly what to look for in a teacher.  Each teacher is guaranteed to have extensive performance experience and currently is or was an industry musician.  Every teacher is patient and nurturing, eager to help you learn at a comfortable pace.

Month to month & Free trial lesson

We offer this convenience so you aren’t tied down by lengthy contracts.

Every new student gets a free 30 minute trial lesson.  This allows us to evaluate the student and also gives you an opportunity to evaluate us!  If it’s a match (and it almost always is) then we can proceed to month to month lessons.

FREE bi-annual recitals

We offer 2 free recitals a year to showcase your talents.  Recitals give you the opportunity to perform in front of an audience, allowing you to demonstrate what you have learned, giving the student a solid goal to work towards.  Recitals are not mandatory but students are strongly encouraged to play in them.  These recitals are completely FREE.

Progress monitoring

We carefully monitor each student’s progress.  Every couple of months, you will receive a personal visit from the program coordinator to see how you’re coming along.  Teachers also take video of students playing their pieces and turn them in as regular progress reports.


What’s more convenient than having your own private music teacher come to your home?  Studies have shown that on average, students taught in their own home retain more of what they learn than students taught elsewhere.

Certificate of Merit testing offered

For those of you interested in enrolling your children or perhaps yourself in Certificate of Merit testing, we have qualified teachers who are part of the Music Teachers Association and can enroll and prepare you for this testing.

Excellent track record and experience

Soundscape Music has been a fast growing school in the Orange County area since 2008.  Jason, the owner/program coordinator, has been teaching since 2004 and has built an outstanding reputation for himself in the Newport Beach, Irvine, Hungtington Beach, Tustin and Orange areas.

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