There are many reasons why recitals are held.  The most obvious reason is to expose students to playing in front of a live audience.  This is one of the main reasons why we play an instrument isn’t it.  We want to be able to share our gift of music with others!  I know there are many students who say they like to play music for themselves and this is also true however sharing your talent with others is such a gracious gift.

Playing in front of others also requires a good amount of confidence.  If you are able to get up in front of a crowd of over 20 people and play them a song, you’re more than likely going to be able to excel in other situations that may require you to be in front of an audience i.e. giving a presentation, addressing your peers, explaining a project.  Recitals build an enormous amount of confidence for those who play in them.

Finally the most immediate and probably practical reason for encouraging your child to play in a recital is to see how your money is paying off!  If you are paying for piano lessons, you definitely want to make sure your child is steadily progressing.   Also since a recital will demand that the student knows his/her song like the back of their hand, it is a good opportunity to encourage students to play flawlessly if they are not being encouraged to do so already (we always strive for perfection).

So there you have it!  Some practical reasons to get your piano star into that next recital!!  Till next time.



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