Piano Improvisation | Learn how to improvise on piano in a few short hours!

This FREE easy to use video will teach you some  basics of piano improvisation by teaching you how to play piano by chords.  We’ll be using the I,IV and V chords of the C scale for this exercise.

CLICK HERE for a preview of “Beginning Improvisation” I’ve seen so many improvisation programs that come with books that are over 140 pages long. That’s ALOT of reading!! I browsed some of these books when I first started learning how to improvise, and I’ll tell you, they were quite intimidating. I eventually developed some of my own methods on how to improvise and it worked wonders. I went from a strictly classical pianist into a composer, keyboardist and songwriter. I went on to play keyboards with many bands and toured, recorded and performed with various artists including: George Clinton and P-funk, Fishbone, N’dea Davenport, Tim Alexander (Primus), members of Sublime, members of Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more. I’ve compiled the very basics of improvisation in a 50 page beginners guide. Take a look below! CLICK HERE for a preview of “Beginning Improvisation” TO PURCHASE THIS EASY TO USE E-BOOK FOR $8 US DOLLARS CLICK ON THE BUY NOW BUTTON. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT OF THE E-BOOK AFTER PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE! THIS BOOK WILL TAKE YOU FROM THE VERY BEGINNING CONCEPTS OF IMPROVISING TO BEING ABLE TO MAKE UP YOUR OWN MELODIES IN LESS THAN A FEW DAYS!!!

Written by a well respected piano teacher, funk keyboardist, composer and producer from Southern California, this book will show you how to start making up your own melodies and chord patterns in less than an hour! About the author The author Jason Johann has played the piano since age 5 and was classically trained. Music has always been his passion but it was not until he taught himself to improvise and compose that his full potential and full appreciation of music was reached.  Having sought out books on how to improvise, he was very disappointed to find ZERO books on how to easily improvise.  All he found were blues books with LOADS of theory but none with an easy answer to beginning improvisation.  He decided to teach himself this “mysterious” process by extracting the most useful information from the blues improvisation books he bought and began to experiment, teaching himself how to improvise. Within a year he was fluid with his improvisation skills and joined his first band…a funk band.  He knew nothing about playing in a band but fell into quite successfully as within a few short months he was asked by Kim Manning (of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic) to be her keyboardist.  After accepting the offer, he was soon approached by Fishbone bassist Norwood Fisher to be part of his project Trulio Disgracias.  His improv skills steadily increased as he learned new things about “jamming” and improvising by playing with these bands. To date Jason has toured the country, played several Vans Warped Tours opened for George Clinton on numerous occasions and had the fortitude to record and appear on albums with N’dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies), Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Angelo Moore and Norwood Fisher of Fishbone, Esthero and many other celebrity musicians. This talent combined with his natural teaching abilities and easy articulation this is ONE person who knows how to EASILY show you the basics of improv so YOU can be playing and channeling YOUR musical talent through your fingertips. TO PURCHASE THIS EASY TO USE E-BOOK FOR $8 US DOLLARS CLICK ON THE BUY NOW BUTTON. YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT OF THE E-BOOK AFTER PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE!

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