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Piano Lessons in Irvine/Newport Beach/Huntington Beach/Costa Mesa/Orange

Not only is the piano one of the most popular instruments, it is also the best instrument to learn when first playing music.  Playing an instrument is therapeutic and fun.  It’s also great for the brain!

Our Mission is for you to have FUN and LEARN!

We have some of the best teachers in Orange County and Los Angeles. All of our teachers have been performers and/or have or are currently in the music industry as professional musicians who are passionate not only about teaching music, but about music itself.  Each and every one of our teachers aims to inspire their students to ENJOY music.  WE believe that music is for enjoyment and that students are more motivated to learn when they like the pieces they’re playing.   We like to be flexible and allow students to choose some if not most of their pieces so they will always be playing something they like.

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We encourage a well-rounded education.

We teach students music theory, note reading and technique all through teaching them how to play REAL songs from the Classics to Pop to Jazz.  We believe that having a well rounded musical background is important.  With online sheet music stores, there is access to practically anything a student would like to play from current radio chart toppers to romantic classical music to your favorite movie themes .  And we’ll teach it to you so that it’s within your skill level.  The choices are enormous!

If you don’t have a piano, you can buy a keyboard.
(Click here to read about tips buying a keyboard vs. a piano.)
Private Lessons are done in the comfort of your own home.
We know that you have lots of other things to do, errands to run, kids to drop off at different activities…So we make it easy for you and do housecalls.


For the fastest and best results, we encourage students to take weekly one hour lessons.  For younger students who have a shorter attention span, we recommend taking half hour lessons.  Books and materials will be provided by the teachers but will require a reimbursement from students.  Books usually cost $10-$20 while single music pieces will range from $4-$7.

$50/ 30 minutes
$67/ 45 minutes
$85/ 60 minutes

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Private Lessons

Random Testimonial

  • ~ Rhonda M. – Great Job!

    "Soundscape Music Studios did a fantastic job teaching my daughter how to play the piano. She learned quickly with private lessons and now she can play so much better than before. I highly recommend Soundscape for those wanting teach their kids how to play a musical"

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